Coming of Age - 成人式

Within the different culture, some of us celebrate the coming of age.  In the United States it's called "sweet 16", in some latin culture it's called "Quinceañera", and much more.  But specifically, in Japan, it is called "Seijin-no-Hi".  This started nearly 1200 years ago to recognize the belief that once an individual turns 20 they become … Continue reading Coming of Age - 成人式


Yakushima – Welcome to Japan

Part 6 もののけ姫 の森 My love for this place is beyond expressions. My family and I visited Yakushima, mainly to see what impact it made on Miyazaki Hayao, who he is famous for Ghiburi Studio Production.  Specifically with his famous film, Princess Mononoke, which its image of the landscape came from Yakushima, the Shiratani Unsuikyo … Continue reading Yakushima – Welcome to Japan