Boiling Point

Boiling point has been becoming very popular amongst young people, and especially in Southern California, it has been booming with their fame.  What makes it fun about this place is the cool and young like environment that comforts the visitors; making the restaurant casual and fun place to visit.  They also have a variety of unique drinks that is so delicious and sweet; they have so many different teas!  Along with hot pot that you order for yourself, you still can share with a group of friends.  The hot pots that are offered vary depending on the location of the restaurant, but nonetheless, it focuses on presenting different Asian communities.  It’s definitely worth the visit just to try tasting different culture’s hot pots.   I would say, it cannot replace your craving with the authentic hot pot flavors especially if you are Asian craving your homemade hotpot made by your mom, but just to try and test the water kind of approach can be flavourful and interesting.

I went with my none-Asian friends who never tried Asian hot pot, so that was an interesting visit itself.  Their first facial impression was priceless, but I think it definitely made the trip to the boiling point even more fun and enjoyable.  At the end, they ate the whole pot for themselves so I think they enjoyed it..?



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