Kyoto – Welcome to Japan


Part 5

Kyoto was once served as the capital city.  Due to such significance in Japanese history and its value with countless temples, shrines, and historical structures, Kyoto was removed from the list of target cities during World War 2.

When I visited during summer, I thought literally I was going to melt.  The weather was 96 Fahrenheit, which is pretty hot, but it felt more than that.  As Kyoto is established surrounded by mountains; it creates this heat ocean and Kyoto is sunk deep in this inescapable ocean.  Additionally, without winds coming through the city, typical humid like anywhere else in Japan, and with many tourists coming into one spot… It was quite an experience.

As a Japanese student, I have seen this temple so many times in a variety of subjects in their textbook, so this trip was something really exciting for me. I visited Kiyomizu-dera. This structure is famous for having no single nails to build it.


As I moved on through the trail, I end up in Higashiyama.  If any tourist would visit, this is one of the best places to see historic, classic, and traditional Japanese houses in community style.  Also, one of the best place to purchase souvenirs.  It was so fun going through the stores one by one.  Some sell new and modern style goods and some sell more old style goods like bags, handkerchief, wallet, etc. I bought a little Umeshu set for myself, which I haven’t tried yet… I’ll let you guys know once I get the chance!




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