Tōdai-ji – Welcome to Japan

Part 4

The next destination, I reached to is one of the seven great, famous, and powerful temples;  Tōdai-ji.  The temple is located in Nara, with its famous deer residence.  This is due to the belief that they are the messengers of the gods, so they live freely.  At the site, I was able to feed and pet them, which was so cool.  The deer’s bow, as it knows how to greet people, and freely express their emotion but swinging their antlers like they own the place.

As my family and I walk through to reach the final destination and followed by many deer since we were giving them out little snacks that we purchased at the site, we went through the gate, and see a huge building, not just tall but wide architecture that protects the Daibutsu.  It is so unbelievable, how people back then can build such an enormous building without technology.  It showed me how passion/belief and commitment can go a long way.  Then, you encounter this gigantic Daibutsu that takes your breath away.  As I observe how big the Daibutsu is, it makes me realize how significant this thing is.  It makes me feel that it symbolizes the protection and preservation of  Buddhism philosophy, which illustrates how this has influenced Japanese culture, society, and way of life that is shaped today.



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