Sensō-ji – Welcome to Japan

Part 3 Next destination, we moved to Asakusa, Tokyo, where it was gloomy and sprinkling. Typically, at Sensō-ji, it is swarmed with visitors to see this famous temple from around the world... The first entrance I encountered was the Kaminarimon or Thunder gate.  Unfortunately, this gate was under construction due to the Sendai Earthquake, so … Continue reading Sensō-ji – Welcome to Japan


Hamarikyu Gardens – Welcome to Japan

Part 2 I arrived in Japan, June 3rd.  And without any rest, my family started our journey beginning in Tokyo.  With much jet lag and humidity on June 4th, we entered the Hamarikyu Gardens.  It is a public park in Chuo, Tokyo. This land was made for Shogun Tokugawa Family in the 17th Century.  This … Continue reading Hamarikyu Gardens – Welcome to Japan